In an industrialized country like ours, the economic structure is very simple: raw material is transformed into finished products that are offered to consumers.

Nowadays, there are many imported products that are resold for a higher profit. If these products were made within the country, businessmen would be the ones to invest and facilitate the whole process to gain the profit.

There are many factors in that concept that sometimes establish an equilibrium between capitalists and consumers, which in the end, is the secret to a possibly healthy economy.

A main negative factor that alters the economy is inflation. Having a job doesn’t help consumers if what they earn isn’t enough to cover their living costs.

It goes without saying that this phenomenon corners us in numerous ways. For example, salaries for executives (CEOs) who lead big companies are now in the millions, counting all the services and benefits that they receive.

Those executives are capable of doing anything to increase their profits, even if it means breaking codes of ethics.

First of all, they increase prices to a point where they can still remain competitive. Then, they lower the quality of the product, only maintaining a similar taste and presentation. Some opt for theft, offering the same package with less product; it’s not much of a difference within the individual package, but the overall sales increase the profit.

Some individuals have monopolized an absolute domain in the economy in various ways. For example, they employ many people in exchange of a wage that makes its way back to the companies when employees buy the necessary products to live. By doing so, executives protect their power and money with an impenetrable lock that only they can open.

What scares me about this economy is that it is represented by paper. As long as it doesn’t stop circulating, everything appears to be fine. The problem would arise if the credit holders don’t comply with their obligations and break the chain. Maintaining liquidity and quality is the secret behind everything.

I feel that we should all be better informed about these schemes. Like when we receive a check, we always want to ensure that it has sufficient funds.

Everything in the economy is theoretical until the operations come to an end and show results. We should never confuse the semantics of politics with that of mathematical practicality.

The economy is really the proof of acts. I believe there’s a lot of confusion about that: democracy means power of the people. As long as our country is run by plutocracy – which is the power of the wealthy – where do the rest of us stand?

This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad thing if we’re really looking for the necessary balance to live in peace and safety.

(Zamora is a resident of Nogales.)

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