On behalf of the Nogales Unified School District, our governing board, students, teachers, staff and all school communities, I would like to thank those Nogales residents who voted to approve the override increase on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

It is rewarding that 1,054 “yes” votes, representing 59.51 percent of the ballots cast, voted to approve the override. The majority of the voters want the very best opportunities for our students and teachers. 

I extend a special thank you and appreciation to all who voted for this override increase and continuation for the next five years, as this will go directly to benefit our NUSD students and all of our school communities. This initiative will continue to sustain critical programs such as extracurricular programs, after-school tutoring, D.A.R.E. drug resistance classes, all athletic programs and meals for out-of-town activities for our students, music programs, educational field trips, robotics, International Baccalaureate/Advance Placement Honor Programs, Senior Exhibition, and salary incentives for our teachers and support staff. With the approval of this override, voters have extended the opportunities for thousands of our students to excel in the classroom, on the athletic field and in the arts. 

I also greatly appreciate the work done by an independent override committee, which supported the measure through its labor and donations.

I am very fortunate and humbled to be a superintendent in a community that values and supports public education – a community that believes in and cares for the education of our students and a community that sacrifices for the betterment of our students and schools.

We will continue to strive towards academic excellence and to do our very best for all of our students, teachers and support staff at NUSD. I know that doing so positively affects the entire Nogales community. Therefore, a win for NUSD is a win for Nogales.

Fernando Parra

NUSD superintendent

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