Arana and Cordova, P.C., a Nogales-based accounting firm, is one of the good companies.

They formed in 1994. I was working for Hector Arana when he and Edgar Cordova met and decided to form a new company. Over the years, we moved twice as our company grew. They never skimped on expense with regard to their employees. Our health insurance was 100-percent paid, we were given paid holidays and vacation, and they were always most generous if we needed time off for family or health issues.  

I turned 65 in November and retired in December after 25 years with the firm. They awarded me a trip for my husband and I wherever we would like to go. We chose Montreal, Canada. They paid for us to go for one week. We went in June and it was a wonderful adventure.  

Nowadays there are not many companies who invest in their employees the way they do. That became apparent when I would tell people about our trip. They always ask: Where did you work?

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you.

Beverly Lopez

Rio Rico

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