The trajectory of the nonprofit Fiends of the Library has recently reorganized due to the unexpected departure of its long-term leader, Janice Johnson.

Friends was founded in 1994 as the “friends/fans of the library, which has been a consistent supporter, financially and structurally, of the activities and programs of the Santa Cruz County/Nogales library services.

Upon recent review and following the unanticipated departure of its aging leaders, Friends has taken a new direction to retain its 501c3 status with the Arizona Corporation Commission and continue serving the library and community.

A new corps of membership is being coordinated by the existing Library Advisory Board and new community activists to reconstitute the 501c3 status of the Friends of the Library.

The current presiding chairman/president of the Friends is me, Eduardo “Ed” Delci, resident of the Kino Springs Community. The other officers include Mark Weiging of Tubac, the former clerk of the Tubac branch of the library; Mary Darling, treasurer and library volunteer reader; and Christine Courtland, secretary and a retired Nogales High School teacher-librarian.

Other library board members have volunteered their time to help restructure the Friends. These include Nancy Fitzpatrick of Tubac, current library board chair; Veronica Sainz of Rio Rico; Anne Doan of Nogales; Marva Thwaits, a preschool teacher from Nogales; and Jerry Smith, a retired healthcare worker.

More membership is deemed needed for the complete restructuring of the Friends of the Library. Membership dues are $15 per year, which benefit the library’s community programming events. Volunteers are needed and encouraged. Friends is a vital community service assisting our local libraries.

Please contact me at (480) 549-9559 or Estaban Michel at the Nogales library at (520) 287-5711 for more information.

Eduardo “Ed” Delci

Kino Springs

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