Thanks to Nogales Mayor Jorge Maldonado and city council members for their proclamation of Autism Awareness Month 2023.  A huge thank you to Councilman Saulo Bonilla for presenting the document to our board of directors – pediatricians Dr. Frank Bejarano and Dr. Tanya Henry of Mariposa Community Health Center, where it will be placed. It is through their advocacy efforts and service, not only to the autism community but our community as a whole, that individuals and their families have the necessary support and services to ensure a better quality of life. 

Mariposa Community Health Center will now house the Southern Arizona Autism Association and work in an integrative setting to further expand treatment services and education programs to the autism community, something that is desperately needed in Santa Cruz County. This collaboration is an important one, as we will be working with different agencies locally and throughout the state, as well as our local and state governments, to bring education, awareness and advocacy in a broad range of settings. 

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