Regarding Manuel C. Coppola’s Publisher’s Note of Sept. 17, “Texas’ SB8 is an abomination.”

Let me begin by stating that Mr. Coppola’s columns are among the best, equaled only by Tim Steller of the Arizona Daily Star. That said, I have to comment on his publisher’s note chastising Fr. Marcos Velasquez, pastor at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Nogales.

Fr. Velasquez is one of the most devout Catholic priests and former University of Arizona students. He and his overnight beard growth are legendary. Having made the decision to move from student to clergy, he wound up at Camarillo, Calif., where we and our little family frequented El Tecolote Mexican Restaurant on weekends when we were living just over the hill in Thousand Oaks, Calif. many years ago.

Having established my respect for both Coppola and Velasquez, I now must say that I agree with Coppola’s assessment of Texas‘ SB8 as an abomination. Giving any jerk on the street a $10,000 whistleblower bonus is absurd. Overlooking the overall intent of Planned Parenthood, which echoes church teaching of birth control by abstinence, is strange.

Coppola gives several examples of the church’s failure to abide by its own teachings. The Vatican is actively pursuing serious charges of embezzlement by clergy in the nation’s inner circle. A few years ago, one of the money managers committed suicide or was executed, either of which was a violation of church dogma. Examples abound, but many of us maintain our faith by seeking change from within.

Our church is fallible because she is managed by humans who can overlook the fact that heartbeat doesn’t develop until long after the six weeks espoused by SB8.

Odette and Jim Price


Sacred Heart parishioners

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