In response to the story about Eastern Santa Cruz County becoming part of Cochise County, I am appalled and disappointed (“County-line committee meets in Sonoita,” Friday, Nov. 1).  

Rep. Gail Griffin, whose measure failed at the state level, has found like-minded supporters. Griffin not only wants a taller and broader wall between Mexico and the United States, she wants one between the brown, Spanish-and-many-other-languages-speaking people in Nogales and the "whiter" English-only speakers in the eastern county. 

Santa Cruz County’s fairgrounds belong to all of us. It might upset you that there are so many brown children presenting their accomplishments at the fairground and that their parents, grandparents and extended families go out there speaking Spanish, but family, traditions and community are important to us. I take visitors throughout the county for wine tasting, eating in Sonoita, camping at Parker Canyon Lake, visiting authors, etc. This is my history and my home. 

My family is from Nogales. My father was born in Cochise County; his family disowned them because my grandmother was Mexican/Tohono O'odham. I was not brought up participating in my Tohono O'odham culture, though I was in the Seri culture. This attitude is not new to me. I know white supremacy, white nationalism and racism when it is standing in front of me. I have lived with it all my life. 

I was born in 1950 and I am still hearing the “mafia” references, the “Spanish language” references and the “brown skin” references when I’m in the eastern county. I pass for white so people don’t remember that I am Mexican-American, Latina and proud of my Mexican culture and people. 

My question is, why did you move so close to the U.S.-Mexico border when you hate us so much? Do not change the county line, change your perspective of your geographic area, learn Spanish, participate in our cultural events and come buy in our stores. You will always be welcome here.

Anne Doan


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