Many people have questions about the integrity of our elections: Can our computers be hacked? Do the computers count accurately?

Arizona has a special way of ensuring the accuracy of the computers. Each county is to do a hand count audit of randomly selected ballots. At least two political parties, however, must agree to take part in this audit.

In 2018 and 2020, Santa Cruz County was one of eight counties that did not do this because only one party submitted volunteer names. Now, we, the Democratic Party, again have volunteer names submitted. Do the Republicans?

This year, when suspicions abound, let’s have Republicans, Democrats and Libertarians join in this effort. The County Elections Department will invite all parties as they always do. Let’s make sure that at least two parties agree that this is a useful effort and send volunteers to take a couple of hours at most, after the election, to help us all know if our computers performed properly.

The Democratic Party is ready and willing. We urge the other parties to join us in checking on the integrity of our elections.

Ed Delci

Treasurer, Santa Cruz County Democratic Party


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