The lack of simple procedures in basic driving maneuvers is growing among many drivers.

Speeding, unsafe lane changes, no turn signals and unsafe following distances are common practices. Law enforcement officers cannot be in all places at all times and everyone knows this.

Could we see the Smith System driver safety program integrated among all drivers on the public roadways, highways and interstates? A certificate of completion issued upon completing the class could reduce your insurance cost, saving you money and making you a better and safer driver. (Excuse me for sounding like a Geico commercial!)

We have all seen how the posted speed limit signs approaching the Border Patrol checkpoint on northbound Interstate 19 are often ignored as others speed right on by to get ahead of you. There used to be a practical quote, “Courtesy is contagious.”

I would like to see the speed limit reduced from 75 to 65 mph from I-19 Exit 4 at Mariposa Road in Nogales all the way to north of I-19 Exit 25 at Palo Parado Road. We’ve also got to reduce distractions while driving, such as cell phone use in particular.

Let’s all try to become more adept at driver friendliness and love thy neighbor when we are behind the wheel.

David Schultz

Rio Rico

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