I’d like to give a shoutout to the two local guys who were collecting trash along the paved trail that runs along Camino Caralampi, curving south along Paseo Venado.

Saturday was the second time I’ve seen them out there, and it helps explain why it’s been so litter-free lately. They weren’t looking for publicity, and they certainly weren’t paid.They saw a need and a way to help, and they stepped up.

I’d like to also give a shoutout to the County for building that walking path in the first place, and then sending out a crew a couple times a year to clear the weeds.

That clean, wide-open space gives us all a welcome chance to safely stretch our legs – mothers with strollers, elders walking their dogs, joggers, couples chatting amiably. I’m getting to know lots of my neighbors by sight, even if we don’t stop to visit.

Despite all that’s going on right now, the caring people in our communities and local government are a real source of inspiration and strength. I’m grateful.

Connie Williams

Rio Rico

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