(The following is an open letter to Acting City Manager John Kissinger, in response to a letter he sent to the writer.)

Dear Mr. Kissinger:

I am in receipt of your Nov. 14 letter thanking me for my past efforts and commitment to the city trolley. I am guessing that you think this letter smooths things over after the vicious, unwarranted personal attack on me by the mayor and city council. It does not. To date I have remained somewhat quiet about the incident. No longer.

Here’s what might help. A personal apology by the mayor and city council on the steps of City Hall to all those businesses, community organizations and individuals who financially contributed to the restoration of the city’s trolley. We did this to help promote the city.

Then, another apology is in order to all those businesses who were going to benefit financially from all those tourists riding “Tamale the Trolley” who would spend “trolley bucks” at local restaurants and businesses. And then, you can reimburse me the $400 I personally spent on Christmas lights for the trolley, copying photographs of historic downtown and having them laminated so they would withstand handling by the tourists, and T-shirts with a drawing of the trolley on the front that said, “I rode the Nogales Trolley,” the profits of which I gave to the city.

T-shirts should go to the mayor and council that read: “I killed the Nogales Trolley.”

It is obvious to all concerned that the mayor and council care very little about Nogales or its businesses. Their personal attack on me at the July council meeting left little doubt in anyone’s mind that the old saying “no good deed goes unpunished” still rings true. To all the citizens of Nogales, I say: You can do so much better.

I have believed since moving here 10 years ago that Nogales had great potential. Not anymore, not with this mayor and council. Good luck. Nogales. I’m done.

Linda Rushton


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