The impact of COVID-19 on Santa Cruz County’s nonprofit community is unprecedented. It has affected the capacity and sustainability of every nonprofit - from education to the environment, affordable housing to mental health services, animal welfare to the arts. No organization will emerge unscathed.

The impact has been especially felt by nonprofits that rely on earned income and those that provide direct services to historically disadvantaged communities.

Partnering with local businesses, foundations and individuals, the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona (CFSA) has distributed nearly $1.5 million in COVID-19 relief funding to support our vital nonprofit partners and the community members they serve. More than 60 nonprofit partners in Pima and Santa Cruz counties have received support through CFSA's COVID-19 Response Funds.

These organizations provide critical resources and services to Southern Arizona's most vulnerable residents: healthy meals for low-income families, childcare support for front line healthcare workers, home-delivered meals for seniors, personal protective equipment for first responders, resources for distance learning, diapers for infants, rental assistance, and much more.

Additionally, over $100,000 was distributed to organizations forced to cancel fundraising events and programming as a result of COVID-19.

Despite best efforts to address the economic fallout of the pandemic, a considerable number of nonprofits are likely to collapse. According to a recent survey conducted by CFSA, 57 percent of nonprofits in Santa Cruz County anticipate revenue shortfalls greater than 30 percent. In addition, 28 percent are considering staff layoffs.

To strengthen our community, we need to support the organizations fighting to make positive changes in Santa Cruz County by providing them with the financial and technical assistance they need to rebuild, restructure, and reopen to serve our community.

We encourage you to support your favorite nonprofits with your time, talent, and treasure and contribute to our COVID-19 relief fund to help provide the necessary financial and technical assistance at scale throughout Santa Cruz County.

Resource guides with financial and intellectual resources for nonprofits, small businesses, and community members who want to help can be found at, and

Daniel Arana

Advisory Board Chair,

Santa Cruz Community Foundation

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