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We recently lost another guardian of our community. At first, the name may not be recognizable to all: Jeremy Brinton, a Nogales police officer.

In this age of social media, we only recognize those who follow us on Facebook, Twitter or other sites. Most of the world is caught up in the 15-second-blip on the phone or television.

We no longer take the time to know the people who live in our communities, and those we know, we may take for granted. The police in the last few years are not respected or thought of in good terms. It is time to humanize the men and women who serve us as peace officers and first responders. They are the ones who risk their lives every day to maintain safety in our community.

They are not just police officers. They are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, someone’s child and much loved. It is the family of the fallen who suffer most when the officer meets his final shift on Earth. As a community, we should take time to do all we can to help them through this most difficult time with any resources available to us. They deserve our prayers, respect and recognition every day.

Rest in peace, Jeremy Brinton, in the arms of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Dana Hayes

Lake Patagonia

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