I am writing in regard to a group of Rio Rico High School students who gave me a flyer to raise money for them to take a trip to study European engineering.

I find this very disconcerting because I feel they should be learning from American businesses. Their goal should be to study American success stories, especially with the recent surge in manufacturing and economic growth in our country. They need to think about continuing this progress.

Germany and Europe in general have decaying economies that cannot compete with the United States. This is due to socialism, high taxes and businesses that are controlled by government regulations.

The United States encourages growth and entrepreneurs. They need to tour the U.S. looking at our strength instead of failing government managed industries.

Students studying our stock market will see the success of our country’s businesses, such as Boeing, Intel, Apple, Southwest Airlines, Amazon, and wind and solar companies. There are many Southwest United States companies to visit and could potentially provide student internships.

Traveling on a high-speed train will be educational, but they need to consider that Germany is a small country that is densely populated where air traffic is not competitive or practical. Please look at the failure of California’s high­-speed train, resulting in a colossal monetary loss and failure.

Studying American capitalism will help them to understand American entrepreneurship and the millions of successful businesses we have. Hosting German students over here and traveling around our country may be a better idea.

They could rent a bus and take more than just seven students around our country and really learn not only about business but the economic history of our country. This could cost a lot less than $4,360 per person and they could go for a longer period of time. I believe this could be helpful to all the graduating students.

God bless America.

Cynthia Rose


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