Señor Presidente Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador:

Economics and financial sciences point out that any entity, including a nation, needs to maintain productive assets in order to generate liquidity and resources for a healthy financial situation.

Mexico has half of its territory as an unproductive asset due to a lack of water, with a majority of the people who live in these areas farming corn and beans for their own consumption. But some years, not a drop of rain falls to irrigate small patches of the dry soil.

Meanwhile in Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz, abundant rain falls around six months of the year, creating hundreds of rivers and arroyos that end up in the ocean.

All this lost water could be taken to the parched areas as it was done right here in Arizona. When the so-called “All-American Canal” was built, water was sent through the desert all the way to Imperial Valley in California, creating great farming centers.

In Mexico, the farming groups could be managed as cooperatives, headed by competent individuals in farming and supervised in each state by commissions of local farmers.

Banks and government entities should be involved only in granting credits based on actual results, as audited by independent accountants.

Politically, it is not easy to get rid of so many "coyotes" who benefit from the present situation, as well as the numerous barriers in the way.

However, a project as vital as this is feasible if good men of will and courage participate.

Sergio Zamora


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