Many in Ambos Nogales will remember Raúl Ernesto Osete Espinosa de los Monteros for wearing different hats (both literally and figuratively): one of six children born to a pioneer family, including the founder of Banco de Nogales and president of the Rotary Club; civil servant; television channel owner; and successful businessman.

But the apex of my grandfather’s legacy was his devotion to his family, which resulted in significant dividends: a 60-year matrimony and a family that could fill a village. In his early years, he was blessed to be one of the first families with access to a colored television, but sharing that experience with his siblings superseded the technology itself. He was an avid Diamondbacks fan, but that didn’t interfere with an incoming call from me to hear about my soon-to-be newborn daughter.

He also loved his community, frequently gathering with others at McDonald’s to solve the world’s problems, including an improvement to the relationship between the community and law enforcement. As director of the Mexican Immigration Service, he said that the border wall was not only a physical barrier, but also “an impediment to good communication and relations between cities, and indeed countries.”

He was: A gifted writer and orator, sharing his eloquence at my wedding; a talented singer, which almost resulted in him being kidnapped by a bachelorette party on an Amtrak to St. Louis; a devout Catholic, attending daily mass at the crack of dawn.

I will remember my grandfather not wielding a smartphone, but rather a guitar and the occasional sleight-of-hand joke. Through our tears, let us recognize the blessings of knowing and loving Raúl Osete, a decent and noble man; the best grandfather one could have had. Let us emulate him and smile knowing that he will be welcomed by the Lord to the commonwealth of heaven, just as He welcomed my grandfather every day on this soil.

Jesus A. Osete

Kansas City, Mo.

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