Santa Cruz County is a vibrant and dynamic part of Arizona.  It is critical to the trade and tourism relationship between Arizona and Mexico. Yet, as a rural community, we are also an area that faces many challenges with very few resources.  That is why visionary leadership is essential in order to guide our community’s growth and development.

As a county supervisor, Bruce Bracker has embodied the leadership qualities that are essential to our community.  During the height of the COVID-19 crisis, when the community, the state, and many parts of the nation were closed, Bruce took it upon himself to work with other elected officials and industry leaders to get fresh produce to thousands of families in need throughout Santa Cruz County and Southern Arizona. He even worked to get much-needed fresh produce to tribal nations in Northern Arizona. 

He has been a steadfast champion for the much-needed repairs to the pipeline that transports sewage from Mexico to the wastewater treatment plant at Rio Rico. Since I have known Bruce, he has been active in promoting the retail sector and economic development in the region, at the same time he is always pushing for tickets for Lions Club raffles to help raise funds for their charitable efforts. 

He is a man of few words and has always told it like it is.  That is not always what people want to hear but it is important that we hear the realities in order to make informed decisions, which he has done since he joined the board of supervisors.

For those of us that work closely with him, there is simply no doubt that we support Bruce and his reelection efforts. 

Guillermo Valencia


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