Our pandemic case count per capita so far, relatively speaking, has been OK. My opinion is that this has been partly due to our good fortune of being among the more rural counties, and partly due to effort and sacrifice.

From what little I know of the history of past pandemics, there were towns and cities that thought they had a deadly virus licked, and then they relaxed their vigilance too early, and in some places their numbers for the second wave of the illness were terrible. 

I'm not sure if we will be able to keep our own decent record going, as some experts are telling us that we are engaging in partial re-opening too early and without enough testing in place. But here are my thoughts on things we can do:

• Grocery stores and restaurants can help customers make informed decisions about where to shop by publicizing information as to their policies. Personally, until the danger is really cleared, I'd prefer to shop and eat at places which require both employees and customers to wear masks, and which limit the number of customers inside.

• There are those in the county who continue to think that SARS-CoV-2 is not that bad, even while dead bodies have literally piled up in other cities far away.  In daily discussion we can say to those folks politely that they are entitled to their views, but we would still appreciate it if they would observe key practices recommended by experts for everyone's safety.

• I’d like to see more English-language coverage of what is happening in Nogales, Sonora.

• Some of our federal and state elected officials have made the situation far more dangerous for all of us by not listening to expert advice as to the importance of safe, widespread, affordable, accessible, accurate and ongoing testing for most or all citizens. To try to draw attention to this key issue, if I do receive a stimulus check, I'll donate it to local testing.

Josh Landess

Rio Rico

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