For decades, you’ve counted on the Nogales International to provide you with the latest news, sports and features for Nogales and Santa Cruz County.

We’re planning for that legacy to continue for decades more in both our print and digital products.

That is why on Tuesday, Oct. 31, you noticed some changes in our products. Our format went from a traditional broadsheet newspaper to a “tall tab” format. The width remains the same, but the length of the paper went from 22 inches to 15 inches.

If you are a subscriber, you have free access to our digital offerings. If you’re used to reading this publication online, you’ll need a username and password. Paying print subscribers can sign up at – be sure to have your subscription account number handy. If you need help, give our circulation department a call at (520) 415-1841, or email

If you’re not a subscriber, we hope you’ll become one. You’ll get both print and digital access — and that includes our e-edition, which can be read easily on any device — for one low price. If you’re not sure you’re ready to make that commitment, we’re also adding single-day access to the website for just $1 a day or you can sign up for a six-month digital only subscription for $20 or $33 for the year.

Why did we do this? The Nogales International is a business like any other and we need to ensure that our business model is sustainable. It costs money to produce the news, whether it’s in print or online. It requires a dedicated staff, including our award-winning journalists and a team of employees to provide support. The Nogales International has always charged a small price for getting that information in print, but for the last 17 years, much of it has been available for free on the website.

In the last three years, traffic to, has grown fivefold to become the premier news website on the border. We’re proud of that accomplishment, and we know that the website traffic will continue to grow as the top source of news and information for Nogales and Santa Cruz County.

We value our legacy print edition, but as online readership continues to grow, it has become clear that a subscriber-based website is the surest way for the News-Herald to continue to produce credible, timely and in-depth content that our readers have come to expect, regardless of the medium in which it appears.

We know there are many questions, and we’ll do our best to answer them. Feel free to reach out – I’m easily accessible by email at

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