Paulina Mascareno soldering AND Fernanda Pena working on robotic car

This year marks the third year Calabasas School will participate in the innovative and progressive Technolochicas program. The program is a national initiative to raise awareness to Latinas about possible careers in technology. The program inspires young women to enter technology fields by providing successful role models from different backgrounds while teaching them real world technology skills.

Elisabeth Hughes, Calabasas seventh grade art teacher and arguably the Technology High Priestess on campus serves as the perfect example to young women in the program. As the advisor of the Calabasas chapter, she teaches them how being informed and educated in the field of technology is empowering and integral to their future success. It was designed to break down gender stereotypes while providing the opportunity to join a movement which encourages young women to pursue interests and careers in all areas of technology.

Students within the program work on group projects which include website and software design, and robotics, and if you are able to imagine it, wearable electronics. Students actually learn about electronic conductive thread and wearable LEDs which translates to a skirt that can glow! They regularly compete with other groups within the program to showcase their projects to their families and community.

Partners of the program include NASA, Microsoft, Google and Apple. Some of the Latina women who help promote the club are role models like Diana Trujillo, Mars Curiosity Mission Leader at NASA. Her message to young Latinas aspiring to work in the technology field is this, “I am now sitting at NASA as the mission lead to the Mars Curiosity Rover. That is something I didn’t think I could do. But it is something I did, and think you can as well.”

Technolochicas helps young girls and women build confidence and critical thinking skills which allows them to invest in their future educational and professional pursuits. To learn more about this program, visit their website,

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