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San Cayetano - San Cayetano is fortunate to have had Mrs. Cassidy Raeber join the Cheetah family this academic year! She teaches Art to students, Kindergarten through 5th grade, challenging them to think creatively every day.

San Cayetano Elementary - The San Cayetano Student Council (STuCo) Club hosted their 1st annual “Kids Night Out” to help raise extra funds for the school. Some of the proceeds will go towards purchasing materials, books, field trip assistance, and anything education related that may be needed.

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The 2019-2020 school year brings new and exciting changes for San Cayetano students as they transition to their new indoor campus. Tremendous effort has been put forth by district and school staff to ensure a learning atmosphere that is safe and fun. In speaking with students there are a few…

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This past September, San Cayetano hosted their 4th annual Patriot Day Memorial. The event is held each year, on 9/11 in remembrance of those who lost and risked their own lives to save others. It also provides an opportunity to teach history to students first hand from the people who experie…

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There is nothing more exciting for an artist with a blank canvas, than the anticipation of the masterpiece that will be created. That is exactly how staff at San Cayetano felt with our new building, we had a masterpiece to create.

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