Az Health Zone Santa Cruz County, (UA Cooperative Extension SNAP –Ed program) and Santa Cruz County Public Works have collaborated to make the walking paths in Rio Rico more meaningful and user friendly.

Blue and red reflective markers have been added to the trails to help users keep track of distance walked. Blue markers are placed at tenth of a mile intervals (10 blue dots = 1 mile) and red markers are at 1 mile intervals. Avid walkers are able to count the number of red markers they pass and beginning walkers can count the number of blue markers, setting goals to reach a few more each day.

US Department of Health and Human Services Physical Activity Guidelines suggest adults be physically active 30 minutes a day most days of the week, and children should get 60 minutes of physical activity per day. The trail markers are a fun way to encourage families to participate in activities together, whether it is walking, running, or biking. The trail system is a multi use trail and non motorized cycling is allowed.

Currently the reflectors have been installed on the Coatimundi and West Frontage road trails. Future plans are to install the markers along the Pendleton Drive and Camino Caralampi/Paseo Venado trails.

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